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The Meet Up

The Holy Cross sees all kinds. This night, Larry and Lew were enjoying a drink when Eddie walked in all in a tizzy. You see, Eddie was supposed to do a job and he botched it up pretty good. He did get a car, but it wasn’t the one he was supposed to get.

Over at the pool tables, the hustler calling himself Johnston City Jimmy was working a table against a big, stolid bruiser that smelled not quite right. at a table in the back corner, Norm Chase worked on his column, The Fat Man.

Tommy, a punk kid looking to make a name for himself threw open the doors to the bar; his cronies behind him.

“I want the idiot what stole my car. I know he’s in here.” He announced to the room.

Before anyone could do much, guns were out, punches thrown, and Tommy was dead.

Eddie and Jimmy went to ditch the car and found a little surprise in the back… a dead cop. They took the badge (#495), dumped the car in the river, and stole another one on the way back to the Holy Cross.

Larry managed to talk down the LAST kid in Tommy’s crew. By the time the police showed up… at Larry’s discretion… the last kid was deep in with Larry and ready to work for Black Hand. Lew made a report to the Chief of Black Hand who asked him to look into some new drug hitting the streets.


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