Johnston City Jimmy

Grifter, con-artist, gambler and man-about-town


Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6

Fighting d4, Gambling d6, Notice d6, Knowledge (pool) d6, Shooting d4, Spellcasting d10, Lockpicking d4, Stealth d6

Healing d4, Investigation d4, Knowledge d4, Repair d4, Streetwise d4, Survival d4, Taunt d4, Tracking d4

Arcane Background
Jack of all Trades
Power Points (to 15)

Overconfident (major)
Smart mouth (minor)
Quirk (gambling) (minor)

Bolt, Confusion, Deflection

Loaded Dice, Deck of Cards, two piece pool cue and case, flask, switchblade x2, Mauser (with silencer and shoulder holster), lockpicks
Sports coat, boots, hat, gloves


Johnston City Jimmy (aka "two-blade Jimmy) grew up as an orphan and spent a lot of time hanging around pool halls when he was younger. He picked up a number of bad habits as well as useful skills and learned how to gamble on just about anything. Eventually, he went out on his own as a road player, barely managing to stay alive and one step ahead of Johnny law in each town that he went through. Traveling the “circuit” he now finds himself in New Orleans, looking for his next game and his next big score.

Johnston City Jimmy

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