Send Lawyers, Guns, Money and Magic

The Royale

Two weeks had passed (everyone had to halve their cash… and then halve it again). But everyone got rolls to make some money in the interim. Bruno came out worst… basically he is eating cats. Neal did the best ( I guess working for 30’s newspaper was a pretty good gig).

Rumors were heard about strange cops near the old abandoned Isle Royale. Eddie has even seen a beat cop that looks like Tommy Stevens (the guy who wanted his car back). In the end, they split the party. Doug, James, Eric and Neal went to investigate a haunted hotel (The Isle Royale). Jeff said his character wouldn’t have gone… so I gave him a client in jail. The hotel was full of all sorts of creatures: bloats (easily killed in SPECTACULAR fashion), ghosts (not killed… only run away from), and a Mad Scientist and his Monster. Eddie got killed. Jimmy took pot shots at the Scientists apparatus, the Mad Scientist was OBLITERATED by Eddie(before Eddie died), and the monster was wailing on Eric for SEVERAL ROUNDS (because Eddie “killed” the monster’s “Dad”). Eventually, the damage to the apparatus caused an explosion made of all the GHOSTS the guy was using to power his equipment. Doug’s harrowed boxer was HEALED… but scared (nothing permanent). Eddie has become a harrowed. And Neal’s character is scared of flash bulbs (Major Phobia).

Prudent’s client turned out to be a werewolf… who has escaped. Lawrence investigated the guy’s apartment and found another badge (#295). The apartment turned out to be a couple blocks from the Isle Royale. So Prudent was able to make the final two rounds of the monster confrontation and NARROWLY escaped the ghost explosion.

Todd’c PC had made a call to Prudent saying he was doing some work for the “Boss.” He also told Prudent that the “group” was being watched… in an arcane sense.



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